Catering Coffee

Catering Coffee

We spent a long time developing Largo – our house blend, a traditional Italian-style espresso.

Largo has a lovely rounded caramel sweetness balanced by a bright acidity.Epresso Largo from the Orkney Roastery

Your Own Blend?

We love Largo but also enjoy working with customers who have their own ideas for their own blend.

We can come to you with a selection of our speciality coffees and spend time with you developing the perfect coffee for your establishment.

Custom blends from the Orkney Roastery



The Orkney Roastery is an accredited supplier of the La Scala range of hand-built Italian coffee machines.

Whether you are starting from scratch and need everything from a machine to Barista training we are proud to be able to also supply espresso machines or a full range of brewing equipment from other respected manufacturers.

If you require anything rom just a tweak of your existing machine to a full installation at anew site The Orkney Roastery can be with you every step of the way to find a solution for your business.


Once you have the perfect coffee matched to the right equipment it’s then up to you and your staff to serve excellence in every cup.

We are passionate about making sure that we work with all our customers on an ongoing basis to achieve and maintain the skills needed to always serve the best possible coffee.

Our Barista training covers everything from understanding the coffee origins to serving the perfect latte.